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Experience marketing + special project
Pabst Blue Ribbon Launch
Client: Pabst Blue Ribbon
Services: Production, Media
Beer brand Pabst inspires to open the world through art and supports independent artists. Five years ago Pabst founded a contest for a can design where the winner gets 10.000$ award and winning design was produced on 6 million cans.

But Ukraine knows nothing about the brand and its connection to art, as it is just entering this market.
Minivan live-painting
experience activation
We prepare Pabst Blue Ribbon launch consisting of two parts – participation in the largest tattoo festival in Ukraine – Tattoo Collection, and the special project on DTF Magazine.

Firstly we told about the graffiti history which started from vandalism and grew up to professional art. During the festival every visitor of the brand zone could take part in painting a real minivan together with prominent Ukrainian muralist Olexander Britsev.
To finish the project we did a publication about the key local graffiti artists, which opened the series of features about graffiti community of Ukraine.