DTF Agency
Character-based promo campaign + festival integration
FA Feel Fantastic
Client: Henkel
Services: Production, Marketing, SMM
Fa brand is about positive, extreme, outdoor recreation and travelling with friends. Its advertisement always includes palms, tropic islands and surfing. It's beautiful but not usual for Ukrainian audience life. Therefore, we proposed to create a beach story with local heroes for the new brand campaign and to put some fun and vacation mood into everyday life.

We were willing to give customers feeling that they relax together with our characters. Visual concept had to combine all the formats – from POSM to outdoor advertisement.
A photo story with five unique characters
As a result we based the campaign on photo story with five characters who were city dwellers like the key brand audience. They appeared in TV and outdoor ads, digital and offline activities. Therefore the summer of the Ukrainians ran not only with Fa but also with Sasha, Stasia, Lilia, Ania and Denis.
People could seen these five friends on a stickers at the shops, billboards and on Fa social media pages. They told about themselves and shared tips of spending unforgettable summer. During the campaign due to the new content, right targeting and community management post reach of the page increased twice!

In autumn the project came offline in the new format. We created the real beach with sand, lounge chairs and the best company of our story characters who became hosts of the branded zone at don't Take Fake festival.