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Hip-hop And Block Party Phenomenon History
Client: Jameson

First Jameson Block Party taking place in Kyiv
orig. В Киеве пройдет первая вечеринка Jameson Block Party (link)

What block parties are and how they influenced mass culture
orig. Что такое Block Parties и как они повлияли на массовую культуру (link)

Hip-hop and block party phenomenon history
orig. Как в Украине появился хип-хоп (link)

The Irish whiskey brand Jameson promotes block party culture around the world and organizes own parties in different countries. Such street events in the USA of the 1970s were the ones to give birth to hip-hop. The first Jameson Block Party was a reason to tell about the phenomenon of such parties and hip-hop genesis in Ukraine. We went deeply into the history and told how the block party format developed from celebrating by Americans the opponents' capitulation to nowadays chaotic hip-hop parties and organized celebration of the Queen's anniversary. And then we ran the series about Ukrainian hip-hop scene starting with the feature about the main names from the 1980s to the beginning of 2000s.