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Bringing 501® Day to Ukraine
Levi's 501® Day
Client: Ultragroup / Levi's
Production, Marketing, SMM, Media
On May 20 Levi Strauss got a patent for model of jeans named Levi's 501 later. We wanted to tell about this date to all Ukrainian fans of the brand and to invite them to celebrate this with the whole world. First time in Kyiv.

Levi's global campaign got a slogan "We're All Collaborators", and we brought it to life literally — created collaborations with Ukrainian musicians, designers and media.

Levi's® 501®✕

We invited totally different artists to perform at the event – electro-folk duet YUKO, electronic music producer Cape Cod, rock band O.Torvald and instrumental hip-hop The Cancel Band. The also became project brand ambassadors.

We released limited edition vinyls with artists' records and presented them as invitations to opinion leaders from music, media, advertisement, fashion and creative industries fields. Publications with Levi's present were seen by more than 500.000 social networks users.

Concert outfits for musicians were created together with Levi's. Everybody chose things to wear and customized them with the help of Levi's Tailor Shop master. Someone added his daughter's photo, another one added his vinyl cover, other musicians put band logo or text announcing new album.

The central activation of the event included workshops and lectures about denim organized by Pushka school of pattern making.
Few days before the celebration twenty Ukrainian designers including Lilia Litkovska, Yasia Khomenko, Ivan Frolov, Olha Navrotska and Yuliia Paskal customized classic Levi's 501 in the manner of their brands. Ones added lace, embroidery, chains and lettering, others totally changed the cutting or sewed jeans inside out. Designers works were placed as installation in workshops zone.

Before the event a special project with musicians interviews was published by three online media DTF Magazine, The Village Ukraine и LiRoom. Each media chose the own focus – style, city or music because Levi's became a phenomenon in each of these fields. DTF Agency team produced the photoshoot in 15 locations around the whole city for three media. Photos were also used on the own pages of Levi's in Ukraine.
The whole project was supported by the content on Facebook and Instagram pages.
Everybody could come to the celebration – invitations were sent to emails in a second after putting special promo code 501.145.20 at ultra-shop.com website. Promo code was promoted on Levi's social pages, in special project and also by musicians. The combination should fix the association with the anniversary date of 501 model creation, and the mechanics with invitations allowed to widen the contact base for further brand communication.

Event was visited by 3000 guests during one day. And the total coverage, including media, user generated content and social network ads exceeded 2 700 000 contacts.
3000+ guests

During one day
20 designers

Made their own pair of 501
10+ Musicians

Took part in collaboration
2 700 000+

Total contacts coverage including media, UGC and ads.